This is me.

Matt Gallardo
Matt GallardoProfessional Geek
I offer low cost diagnostics and strive to deliver faster, better, and cheaper than those other guys. I also offer tutoring on basic computing, security and safe web browsing.

I don’t use jargon or buzz words, I will tell you simply what is wrong and how it can be fixed. Nobody likes the cliché of the pompous condescending tech guy, I aim to change that image.

I excel in customer service, at the end of the day bed-side manner is what counts.

Who Am I?

Does it have an On button?

I can fix it.

Over 15+ years of experience working with computers and electronics.
I specialize in advanced troubleshooting and problem-solving.
My skills and expertise include repairing liquid damaged devices, smashed screens, connectivity issues, BSOD, virus/malware, pretty much anything.
No device is too big or small.


It’s important to note that while I may have over 15 years of experience with technological apparatuses; I am still human.

This means I have opinions, views, beliefs, likes, dislikes, and this blog is where I discuss them all.

I share information that I believe should be shared, and try to help, educate, and alert people of important events when I can.

The important takeaway is that while I may have a certain stance on something, there is always an opposing side and I always encourage people to do the homework, learn the facts and decide for themselves.

Take my advice with a grain of salt. If you’re truly interested in knowledge, you must pursue it for yourself.

I urge everyone to take my advice, suggestions or instruction as a guideline, and to certainly not let this blog be your sole means information or discovery.

The tyrant will seek to impose their will on others; the wise man will seek to lead others to their own conclusions.

Privacy Policy

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Don't call the Squad, Call the Professional.